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Video - "IBM"

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s/t (2000)

Landschaft Nach Der Schlacht (2000)

Heimkehr (2000)

Abends, Spät In Der Zukunft (2002)

The John Peel Session (2001)

Nelson Suite (2002)

Schulterblatt (2002)

Director's Cut (2003)

Silence (2007)

Albums Review

Landschaft Nach Der Schlacht (2000) EP 12ʼʼ

The second work and first EP of the group.It is an abstract album, very calm and a bit slow. However it has lots of polyrhythms and complex textures that makes it really interesting. It is a great example of how minimalism can be more than just repetitions.
The Album Artwork is a gloomy black & white picture. It produces a melancholic and mysterious feeling. Not the best of their works.

The John Peel Session (2001) CD

It is the fifth album of the group and my favorite. It combines electroacoustic and computer music as well as sample techniques. It is primarily a minimalist album with great melod
ic passages, futuristic soundscapes, rich rhythms and abstract electronic exploration. The Album Artwork is a modern illustration
of a japanese character. Only uses two colours; very simple and fresh.

Directorʼs Cut (2003) DVD/CD

This album is one of their audiovisual works. It is widely considered the best album to date. The animation is an abstract moving painting that combines 2D y 3D techniques. In this album Rechenzentrum exposes brilliantly their talent to fuse sound and visuals in order to create a perfect symbiosis between them.
The Album Artwork is a stunning still image extracted from the animation.



Group Members

Christian Conrad (music) Lillevan Pobjoy (film/video) Marc Weiser (music)
Live performances of Rechenzentrum feature:
Lillevan Pobjoy (film/video) Marc Weiser (music)

Who are their influences?

Their influences are different artistic directions and movements, such us Letrisme, Dada, Burroughsʼ Cut-up techniques, Surrealism and even Punk.

Are they similar to any other artist?

Their music is similar to other electronic musicians of the late 90ʼs, such as Aphex Twin or Autechre. What makes them different is their audiovisual work. Their live performances are full of atmospheric pictures.

When did they form?

They met at the Documenta Art Exhibition (Germany) in 1997. Since then they have been working together.

Where are they from?

Berlin, Germany

What years were they active?

They have been active since 1997

What Genre do they belong to?

Minimal Dance Music / Contemporary Art Video